Northern/Central California Needs trails

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      Perhaps one of the largest MTB communities in the country has the puniest trail system. When do you see VOD on pinkbike based out of Nor Cal, its always Squamish, Washington or something of the sort. We have the vertical potential, vast amounts of open land, and endless volunteers to make the trail building happen.

      Any tips on how to make this happen? Know anybody that can make a change? Who is with us?

      SF bay area and surrounding areas need more biking, lets do this.

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      Want to make it clear, I totally respect and thank those that have put countless hours into what already exists!

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      I totally see where you are coming from. I am a rider in the bay area and the regional park systems are ridiculously against any good bike riding. Seems as if they are putting more money into shutting down our trails than building good ones!

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