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      Hi, We’ll be in North Carolina, mid april, for a whole week. I’m a decent mountain biker, so I’d like to have access to decent trails, but also be able to go for super easy rides withe the kids, younger still riding a Strider, so we bring a bike trailer for when the kid get’s tired.

      We’ll be camping, anybody has suggestions to where we should setup our camping spot for best access to bike (or hiking) trails? I don’t mind driving a little to access more advanced trails.


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      N Carolina is a pretty big state. Would help a bunch to know the general area you’re heading to.

      If you find yourself in western NC, DuPont State Forest is perfect for what you want. Lots of waterfalls, tons of local camping, perfect trails for the little ones up to black diamond trails for you. You can ride all week and never do the same trails twice. A short drive up the road to Pisgah Forest, another awesome MTB destination.

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        Hey, thanks,

        I should have mentionned we don’t have a fixed destination yet, everything’s open, we’re trying to set an itinerary for a road-camping trip. Someone else suggested Dupont as well, and also Bent Creek and the Trace Ridge area, would you still pick Dupont, say for a week long camping stay?

        (We’ll be headind south-east afterward to get to the coast, seems pretty flat, though, any riding there, or in South-Carolina)


        Thanks again!

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        I would certainly consider heading to Brevard area and camping. Tons of trails to ride in the area, you can camp at Davidson River campground and you’ll be close to DuPont, Pisgah, and Bent Creek. The nice thing is there is plenty to do for the family in the immediate area with hiking, shopping, and Asheville is only 15-20 minutes away. Search here on Singletracks as there are a number of articles about the area and trails.

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        Excellent, I’ll check Davidson River campground out,

        thanks a lot.

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      While I can’t speak for the camping aspect I’d recommend DuPont over Bent Creek for riding.  The trail system there is first rate.

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        Good, that’s exaclty the advice I was looking for,



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      This past year me and the wife camped at the Bike Farm and I rode DuPont and Bent Creek. Between DuPont and Bent Creek I’d stick with DuPont all day. Plus Brevard had some great places to eat and my wife was all about the many waterfalls in the area.

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        Hi Timberjack, I’ve looked at the Bike Farm website, it seems interesting, but would you recommend it for a family? I have 3 young kids, so, beside the pump track is there anything else on site? i.e. playground, riverside, easy bike loops?


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        Hey rollon’in, The Bike Farm doesn’t have activities for kids so much. No playground or such. We stayed in a glamping tent and enjoyed it. Hope this helps a bit.

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