North Carolina Trails and Conditions

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      Discuss mountain bike trails and locations in North Carolina and get the latest updates on trail conditions here. Send a PM to trek7k if you would like to be considered for the North Carolina forum moderator position (don’t forget to include the name of the state you would like to moderate).

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      I reckon I’m just a wuss but it seems like it’s too hot for riding these days, unless you get to the trails early in the morning. Hopefully September will be more friendly…

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      I’m not to sure on the similarities between the climate here and in NC, but when it gets over 80 degrees and 60% humidity here…..


      I feel your pain.

      Somedays it’s just to muggy out to ride.

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      If it would just quit raining here in wnc the trails would be great!! 😆 Dupont is good with a few mud holes here and there and Pisgah is a lot of greasy roots.

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      hey 66, let’s hope we dont have any serious hurricanes again this year! the parks system around the triangle close the trails so frequently because of a little rain. that’s a good thing because most of the trails are already so erroded and overridden that you’re riding mostly on roots rather than dirt!

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      Triad (G’boro) trails are incredibly fast right now. There has been no rain here for the last month leaving all of the trails very fast. Watch out for fast corners. The dry conditions are building up a nice layer of fine dust that likes to wash out your front wheel.

Viewing 5 reply threads

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