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      I will be vacationing a week in North Carolina in the Brevard Area. I plan on biking the Dupont State Forest trails. I will have my 10 year old son with me. Any suggestions or tips on the trails in this area?

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      I’m looking forward to making it over to western NC sometime in the not too distant future. Sorry I can’t recommend any certain trails since I haven’t made it there yet. My only tip is to check out the [i:kpj89eqi]Mountain Bike Trails[/i:kpj89eqi] tab and match the trail data to yours and your kid’s skill levels. And of course take plenty of water and your helmet.

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      I have yet to go to DuPont. I’d suggest get a map from the LBS and ask them for suggestions.

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      i love both dupont and pisgah but dupont is defiantly easier for beginers but also while you are there you should check out braken mountain its by the music club thing its a really fun trail with a very long steep climb to start but then you get to ride down the other side

Viewing 3 reply threads

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