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      Looking at picking up a new ride in the new year. Currently looking at Norco Torrent 7.1 vs Trek Stache 7, cost is fairly close and just wondering what other people’s thoughts are on the two bikes.  Component wise the Norco is spec’d a bit better I believe (fork, dropper post, RF cranks, lock on grips) both models have same drivetrain and brakes.  Not sure of total weight of both bikes but I think they are both sub 30 and a pound here or there won’t both me.  I’d like to know total weight of rim/tire for each, I’ve read the Stache weighs roughly the same as most 29er rim/tire combo which I’m ok with since I ride a 29er full susp but like to know if Torrent rim/tire at 27.5 is less… Here’s the catch, the new ride is going to be my singlespeed so the sliding drop out is very appealing on the Stache. My current SS uses a tensioner and it id prefer not to have to use one on the new ride so looking to see what some thoughts are. If the Torrent is a better bike, I’d happily put a tensioner on it but looking for some input from anyone else.


      Thanks for any input


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      They are pretty comparable bikes, although the slight nod does go to Norco, since they have a dropper spec’d.

      But, if you’re looking for SS compatibility, go with Trek. I’d have a hard time myself choosing between these bikes. I think the Norco is a better looking bike, but the lack of SS compatibility is a bummer.

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