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      Hi All,

      I am looking to get my first mountain bike in a long time and have narrowed my search down to the Norco Sight A3 and Scott Genius 960 (2021). I’m looking for an all mountain/enduro bike around this sort of price range.
      Has anyone had the chance to ride any of the 2021 models? Or can provide an opinion on the two bikes?
      I quite like the sound of the Scott’s TwinLoc system however the Norco may have slightly better componentry?. I’m not much of a fan of the new colours of the Norco Sight A3.

      Any help will be much appreciated.

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      I haven’t ridden these two bikes but here’s my two cents.

      By geometry, the Genius is more of a long-travel Trailbike while the Sight is more of an Endurobike—long, low, slack. If you do all-around trail riding, pick the Genius. If you want a sled for technical descents, get the Sight.

      The Genius has frame clearance for 2.6 tires and comes with 2.6 Trail tires. The Sight comes with some serious heavy-duty 2.4/2.5 Enduro tires and likely only has frame clearance for 2.4 tires. I’m not a big fan of Enduro tires because they can be heavy and slow-rolling. I am a big fan of 2.6 Trail tires and I think all Mountainbikes should have clearance for them. My all-time favorite Trail tire is the 2.6 Maxxis Rekon, front and rear.

      I’m not a big fan of Twinlock or any bike that comes with bar mounted lockouts. A great bike should perform well without having to use a lockout all the time. In my opinion, lockouts are for paved or gravel roads only.

      Have you considered the Ibis Ripmo/Ripmo AF. Reviewers claim that the Ripmo is the ideal balance between a Trailbike and Endurobike. It climbs very well without needing a lockout, rides like a Trailbike, descends like an Endurobike, and has clearance for 2.6 tires. With lighter Trail tires the Ripmo is a good all-around Trailbike but with serious Enduro tires, it’s a great descender.

      Well, there’s a whole lot of “in my opinion”. In addition, I have one more question for you. Are you sure you need a bike with that much travel? I think that something like the shorter-travel Ibis Ripley makes a much better all-around Trailbike. Do you really do so much technical descending that you need 150-160mm of travel? The longer-travel Enduro bike might be the bike you want but the shorter-travel Trailbike might be the bike you need.

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      Thanks for the great response Bike Nerd, much appreciated. To be honest i think in the beginning i will be doing all round trail biking as I will need to regain my confidence to do any highly technical descents (it’s been about 10 years since i have ridden MTB trails). However i wanted to future proof myself a bit and have the right amount of travel (i.e 150mm) for when i eventually start the bigger descents and hitting some jumps/drops etc.

      I’m thinking of ordering the Scott Genius as bikes are quite hard to come by atm in Australia and especially in my size (XL) l. I know people have mixed opinions on the TwinLoc however i think for where I live and want to ride it will be quite handy as I have some tracks which are riding distance from my house. I will however look into the Ibis Ripmo more closely as well so thanks for that suggestion.



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