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      Hey all… just getting into Mt Biking… riding a Marin Northside Trail hardtail (bone stock). I’ve been hitting some beginner single tracks and fire trails with a buddy and now riding a lot on the street to try and increase my stamina (it’s fun too). I’m hooked.

      Anyhow long story short, I want to change the tires to something that rolls better on the street but can still handle some trails. I know from reading there is no clear solution for both, but I landed on the Maxxis Holy Roller.

      Two questions
      1. Good tire?

      2. I am currently running a 26×23.5 Kendra Kenetic. The Holly Roller comes in 26×2.2 & 26×2.4… should I be sticking with the 2.4 option?

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      The Holy Roller is basically a BMX tire so yeah, it should roll pretty well on street/hardpack and also dirt. At least that’s what the marketing copy says… Go for the 2.4 because you know, wider is better, at least for MTB.

      I personally prefer semi-slick tires for efficient street rolling but good cornering performance once I’m on the trails. I’ve found the Maxxis Minion SS is a good semi-slick.

      Maxxis Minion SS MTB Tire Review

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      Thanks Jeff! I’ll look into the Minion SS as well.

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      I’ll second Jeff on Minnion SS. I put one on my bike and can’t be happier. It rolls fast and corners better then my brain can handle. There’re other semi-slicks on the market, so do some research. I’m a big Maxxis fan and don’t even look any other tires

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