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      Got a 2008 Specialized FSR XC COMP.  Recently been getting back into maintain as I have foun a trail centre.  I seem to get a lot more enjoyment from the down hill sections!

      Hoping to explore more of Dartmoor’s trails.

      My heart is telling me I should buy a more modern geometry bike (current has a 110mm stem!).

      Money is a bit tight.  Thinking of a plus sized 27.5 (I’m 6’3″).

      Can’t try out new bikes anywhere due to COVID.

      Not sure how much difference I would expect to feel.  Would it feel more stable and allow me to go down tougher trails?

      Would a FS (13 years old) to hard tail be a backwards step?

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      I would be looking for a progressive geo hardtail with 29×2.6 tires.

      Salsa Timberjack

      Trek Roscoe

      Specialized Fuze

      Rocky Mountain Growler

      These bikes will be more comfortable and descend better.

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      I’m 68 and got a new Turner Flux 3 years ago. I can descend on it faster than I ever have and it climbs great. Progressive geometry and larger wheels make a huge difference.

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