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    I have just recently purchased a Giant Talon 1 29er 😀 Bike seems to be a great fit for what I intend to do (xc trails here in southern Indiana) I selected the Large 20" model as i am 6’2" and around 200 lbs. So far I have only had it on some trails on private property due to the massive amounts of rain 😢

    I have yet ride any "real trails"… but located 30 min from French Lick, and an hour to Brown County / Obannon Woods….

    Anyway- i am enjoying all the information you all kindly share.

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    Welcome rocketrepairguy,good to have you join us here on the forums,coffee and donuts are on the table,hahhahahaha.Me and you would ride the same bike,I am also 6’2" and around 200 plbs. Normally,I got al bulked up on weights and now weigh 300 plbs.Used to be in prime riding shape at 190 plbs and 6% body fat,I gotta get that turned back around,hahahaha.

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    I live in Indianapolis. Your gonna love the trails at French Lick and Brown County. They are awesome Midwest trails. Hopefully the rain will ease up and things dry out for us. Keep an eye on for trail conditions.

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    Welcome man! If you got any questions, don’t be afraid to ask!

    Hey Steve, I am 5′,7" and weigh 120.5 without gear. I have 2.5% body fat. The complete opposite! 😆

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    Thanks, I have been on the HMBA’s site several times and have read quite a lot.

    Quick question, What lube for chain and cog’s from say an auto parts store will do the trick? I have read WD-40 is good for cleaning, not so much for protecting….

    Does anyone else use my tracks on their Droid for a bike computer… I just ordered this [url:3k03rxlw][/url:3k03rxlw]

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    I use tri flow for everything from chain to derailleur pulleys. It is also cheap.

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    I’ve been using Squirt lately and really like it. … hain-lube/

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    I use finish line dry chain lube,it’s what a mechanic I know put’s on my bike so I use the same.

    @dozzer,yeah dude,I don’t even remember weighing 120 plbs dude,must have been back in 3rd grade or so,hahahhha.


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