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      Hey guys/gals I am totally new to the sport and have been researching for almost a month on what I wanted in a bike, I have been on several forums and most I have been on are bike snobs, that i didnt like and once I found this site I decided this was the one i wanted to be a part of! 😃 So I decided on the things that I wanted to try and get (within my budget) for my first bike. I Decided to go with a 2013 Felt Six 80 HT 26er. I narrowed it down between this and a nice entry level bike made by Giant but this one won me over because it has separate Shifters and brakes, the other had integrated and the Giant had Shimano and the Felt has SRAM shifters and Tektro disc brakes…for the price my LBS gave me on this bike and the less equipped Giant I couldnt pass on the Felt…not for $11.00 difference. I had originally set my budget at $325 and had found a Vilano Blackjack but couldnt get a good feel for it so a buddy sent me to see the owner of the LBS and I ended up going up to $400 which was secretly my budget in my head for a bike but wanted to save if i could but the deal on this bike $120.00 bucks off a name brand with decent setup with a good warranty was worth ALOT more to me than saving the $75 bucks. Anyway, now im ready to learn as much as possible and get out and hit some trails…First ride is going to be next weekend at Pinnacle Mtn here in Arkansas…Nothing crazy but somewhere i can play with the bike. Well sorry for such a long opening hopefully ill see some of you out on the trail…Thanks….Mike

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      Congratulations on the new bike. Have some fun! 😃

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      Welcome aboard! I don’t live in AR any more, but still visit Little Rock once a year to see family. I rode Jackfork trail at Pinnacle a couple of years ago. Check out my write up at the link below. Last year, I took my son to ride Rabbit Ridge, which is a beginner trail across the road from Jackfork. It’s less than a mile long, but a fun little loop as well.

      This year I rode Burns Park on two days, which was a lot of fun too.

      http://escapingthedrearyconfines.wordpr … s-no-joke/

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      I hope you got a helmet budgeted in as well?

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      I’m not from AR but I’ve ridden there several different times. Great place to be a mountain biker. Have fun.

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      Welcome! The reason you stated about joining this forum is why I joined it way back when. I’ve got to stay that I have never seen anyone flame or be rude to another person on here!

      The Felt sounds nice! They are solid bikes. My son’s bike has Tektro disc brakes. I was a bit leery when I bought the bike, but they have worked great. Excellent stopping power and very little squealing or noise. Sounds like you made out well!

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      I grew up in EL DORADO. Where in South Arkansas are you?

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      I get to some of the trail down there from time to time. Hope to see you. One hesitates to endorse the sport too strongly, as it’s a pretty good way to break your neck, saying all that to say be safe out there. 😃
      I think the first two, and central skills, are "attack position" and learning to look ahead of where you’re going, using peripheral vision to see close in. Much longer story to explain that, and you didn’t ask for a lecture so hope you don’t mind. Here’s some video on body position, make huge difference. … nstration/

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