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      Hey everyone, been riding road bikes and doing Tri’s, just purchased my first Mountain Bike today. Looking forward to having a blast on some trails other than asphalt.

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      Where at in louisiana

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      Baton Rouge

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      Congrats on the mountain bike! Get some riding under your belt and you might enjoy some of the adventure tri’s that do mountain biking and trail running!

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      I trust you are familiar with Comite and Hooper Rd trail systems… If not you should check them out. Great trails right in BR.

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      Yes I have rode Comite and Hooper Road. Road today and faced one of my biggest fears, a Water Moccasin crossing my path. Probably handled it wrong, but made it out without getting bit. God, a hate snakes.

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      Snakes and gators…the joys of southern riding. Lol

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