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      Hello all, I’m new to singletrack, and also to biking in general. I’m from central Kentucky, and havn’t ridden for about 10 years. Quit smoking and got a bike to get myself back into shape. This forum is very informative, and I am glad I found it. Wish i had done some research here before I bought my bike… I picked up a 22in ’08 Trek 4500 hardtail, and have been riding to and from work, and around the neighborhood. I will be hitting a few trails soon, there are plenty to choose from around here. I know i like the bike a lot, but I am a beginner, and that may change in the future. I have no intentions of getting the tires off the ground if i can help it, and for what i need it for, it’s been great so far. Some of the bikes i have seen on this site have been pretty awsome. I had a hard enough time explaining to the pregnant wife why I paid $600 for a bike, let alone any more than that. The lockout on the suspension sold me. Other bikes I had tested out would nearly bottom out when i used the brakes. Rock shox dart 3 I believe… is what’s on it. well I just wanted to introduce myself and say thanks for all the great information i have found here. If there is anyone around my way, give me a holler.

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      Welcome Homegrown ta to mountain biking and the wife was’nt too angery about you spending that money on a mountain bike,maby she was just mad cause you didnt buy her a mounatin bike your best to get her interested.this sport is awsome cause anyone can get into it and enjoy the experiences mountain biking has to offer. 😃

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      Welcome to singletracks homegrown. I have only been riding for just under two years now and I have gotten myself back in decent shape. I still have a ways to go but I have lost about 35lbs and now I am working on my core strength so that I can keep up with the guys in my bike club. If you have a local bike club then this is a good way to get in shape faster. It will motivate you by having friends to ride with and learn from. You will try harder on rides, at first just to keep up then to actually pass and set the pace. I am not much of a pace setter yet but I can definately keep up for the biggest part. I am still work in progress but I’m lovin it.

      As for the wife I did not have to deal with that as a separation atcually caused me to get interested in Mountain Biking. But I would have explained to my wife that I wanted to be in shape and healthy for her and the baby and that this seemed to be a way that would keep my interest. Maybe this defense will also work when she complains about you going out for rides while she is stuck at home pregnant or with the baby. Just make sure when you get home you show her plenty of attention and don’t act like you had to much fun. Also ask her if she might like trying riding.

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      Thanks for the welcome fellas. Yes the Mrs. is interested in riding, but it will be at least 2-3 three months before she is able to. She just doesn’t understand "why a bicycle would cost more than $50". She wants a bike but insists on getting a walmart bike…. Murry or some other junk like that. She thinks "a bicycle is a bicycle" and there is no difference between a walmart bike, and a quality bike. This is my first real bike, and the difference between it and a walmart bike is rediculous. I’m sure I will get her at least a Trek 820, or a 3700. It won’t be as expensive as mine, but at least i will know i am not going to have to repair it twice a week.

      I am however becomming very fond of my 4500. I work in I.T. so usually I am sitting at my desk/12 hour shifts/ staring at my PC monitor. I rode it in tonight, and feel great. In just the short time i have had the bike i feel much better health wise. A little sore, but i feel much healthier. I probably have about 20/25miles on it so far. My place of employment does not have a bike rack, so it is sitting in the server room propped up against a server rack. I hope to get out to at least one trail this weekend, as long as the weather is nice.

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      I do have one question and I am asking it in a serious manner. I have googled/jeeves/msn/yahoo’d it and can not find any real information.

      Seriously. Why do cyclist wear speedo’s??

      I really don’t care if one likes to wear them…. to each their own…

      I don’t think I will ever own a pair/set (what ever) of speedo’s, but I just really can not figure out the purpose…??

      Aerodynamics? Can’t be comfort…. I wouldn’t think.. they don’t appear comfortable…

      Any insite would be appreciated. Please excuse my ignorance.

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      Welcome to the Forum Homegrown TA. Aerodynamics and friction on the tight shorts would be my guess. For me it’s less friction on the legs plus the padding that you can get in those types of shorts in a critical area. I like the gell padding myself and the shorts are actually pretty comfortable after you get used to them. I wear the padded shorts even when I am using long pants too. Its a matter of personal preference though, some like the baggy shorts.

      I think most of us in this forum have heard the comments on the cost of new bikes; “You paid how much for that bike?â€

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      On the subject of cycling shorts,the thight yet flexible fit of them helps keep those major muscle groups in a tight formation and in place so as to help keep those muscles from fatiguing as you ride.The more those muscles move around as you ride,the more energy you loose to random energy output.The shorts act like a bracket for a alternator on a car(if you will).If the alternator moved around and didnt hold tension on the fan belt,it will not turn the pully as efficiantly as possible,if the belt holds a constant tension on the pully of the alternator it can supply a consistant supply of electricity to the operation of the cars electrical needs.
      As far as spending money on mountain bikes,I hear it all the time at work.and not just the comments,but the endless everyday comments of"steve paid $3000.00 for his bike,is’nt that crazy?"I just tell them that I still need to spend another $2000.00 to be fully equipped to ride as well as all the mountain bikers on

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      Thanks answers my question about the shorts. I don’t think I will run out and buy any, but the information is appreciated. I have only had my bike about a week and I think I have already ridden at least 50 miles. I have been enjoying it. thanks again for the welcome and all the information, I appreciate it.

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