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      I recently realized that if I put my seat pretty far down I can find a good compromise between not feeling like I’m going to do a header yet still be able to pedal effectively. But when I watch videos or see pics I can see people actually sitting on their seat and a foot flat on the ground.

      This seems much safer for a noob such as myself as I tackle scarier and scarier obstacles, but then my seat would literally be ALL the way down and how could you pedal like that?

      i don’t yet have a dropper post but maybe that’s the solution?

      What am I missing?

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      Yep, those guys in the videos are using dropper posts. You’ll want your seat up for climbing and pedaling, but down when descending so you don’t feel like you’re going to go over the bars.

      With your pedals in the 12 and 6 o’clock position, one leg should be extended nearly straight, with a slight bend, for optimal pedaling efficiency. But as you’ve found, this can feel awkward when handling through corners and on descents. If you don’t have a dropper post, I suggest nudging the seat down a little until you feel comfortable, but stop when you notice your quads burning on the climbs.

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      I would say dropper post is the answer.. I use this one.     Only a 100 mm drop, so I cannot sit flat footed, but I can touch both feet with it down, and it is nice and cheap. It has worked fine now for almost two years.

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      As others have stated. Best thing to do > Get a dropper. Best invention, I put it right up there with hydraulic disc breaks and fat bikes. IMO

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      A dropper post will make you more confident during steep descents, but remember that it can be a source of costly service/maintenance issues.

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      I second what Fatbike1 says. Love my dropper post and use it all the time. Any kind of downhill section, its nice to keep it low and out of the way. I sometimes keep is low on tough up hills when I’m off the seat, but great to keep high on pedally sections.


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