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      My rear rocker pivots are driving me crazy with the squeaking & creaking!! It goes away with liberal application of teflon oil, but after about 30 min of hard riding, it starts again. Especially if I’m hammering out of the saddle.

      Anyone have any suggestions about getting rid of squeaky bushings???

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      Alright, I got it fixed. Some good ol’ warranty work, it turned out that one of my harder landings had wallowed out the bearings and bushings on my rocker arm, allowing them to squeak. I had ’em replaced with good Cane Creek bearings. Now my bike is quiet again…..

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      I know this post has been on here a little while but if your still wondering about your squeaky bike you might try this. Being that they are bushings you need to pull them out and clean them off. Use some good biodegradable degreeser and a rag and clean all the dirt off of them. The problem might be dust getting on the bushing and this creates the noise, that’s why when you lube it it only works until the lube dries up then it starts squealing again. This happens to Mavic freewheel hubs. Mavic uses a bushing instead of a rollerbearing because it saves weight. A lot of people think Mavic hubs suck because they start making noise and they think the hub is going out on them when 95% of the time it’s because the bushing needs to be cleaned off. This is common in dusty riding climents like Utah and Colorado. Most bushings are the self lube type meaning they don’t need to be lubricated like delrin bushings and some bushings have been impregnated with some type of lube like teflon. If these bushing get dirty the dust or dirt creates a coating around the bushing and it starts to squeak. If you have your owners manual you might check it out to see what they say. Some times with certain types of bushings you need to apply a little grease to them. So you might give that a try 😆

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      I fixed the problem…..

      By buying a new bike! 😏 😃

      Actually, I managed to banish the squeaking by backing off the coil shock’s preload…. I had it set up to be really stiff, and it seemed to be putting a lot of pressure on the linkage bushings.
      Now it’s pretty quiet, unless I really hammer up a hill, then it becomes noticable….

      Thanks for your advice though, I wasn’t aware of some of the things you mentioned! 😎

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