Night shots of the bikes on the trail

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      SaiyanFury and I hit The Rock ([url:drk8lwrx][/url:drk8lwrx]) last night and cut back some more brush and managed to get a few cool shots of the bikes.

      SaiyanFury’s Snare with all quality components


      My 2000 K2 EVO 2.0 with half quality components


      Both together


      Pics done with no flash,just the Stella helmet lights "spotlighted" on the bikes

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      Those are some sweet shots. My Hayabusa (formerly my Snare) isn’t quite done yet. I still need a new seatpost and pedals. Once I get paid again those’re going on the bike. 😃

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      Interesting photos… that’s a cool idea!

      Its been a long time since I’ve been night riding… I’d really like to try it again sometime.

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