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    This time of year always seems to bring up the topic of night riding. If you live in an area like me it’s dark shortly after you get out of work. I usually try to get in a night ride each week as well as a day ride on the weekends. For me it’s a way to keep riding as well as a state of mind. For those who have never done it… DO IT!  The feeling of riding in your own little bubble of light all by yourself is amazing! The views of city lights are beautiful and even the trail you ride every day takes on a whole new feeling.

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    I mountain bike at night once a week, mainly because it’s one of the only times I’m free. But there are side benefits as well: no one on the trails, cooler temps in summer, and it’s a fun way to mix things up!

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    I have tried it before and my light wasn’t always aimed at the trail when you ride switchbacks. I still like it though.

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    Were you using a helmet light or a bar mounted light? A helmet mount lets you see around switchbacks better.

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    One thing I love about it is how you get that “tunnel vision”.  Some times I feel more focused, being as your senses are more keen and your vision is limited, it can really contribute to a great ride.  I need to get one in real soon.  Last one was Captain Ahab this late August.

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    I have an 800 lumen light on my bars and a 200 lumen on my helmet along with a small red tail light. With this combination I’m comfortable riding just about anywhere.

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    Why?  Because it gets dark so early this time of year and if you want to ride after work, you have to ride in the dark.

    How often?   For me, a bit less than during the summer as I don’t feel comfortable on my local trails riding at night solo, so having to find time that a buddy can join me means fewer rides.  At least once a week though.

    Plus, its a blast!

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    I have 400 on my bars and 200 on my helmet and with that set up I LOVE night riding. I ride the same singletrack at night as I do in the day and I sometimes get faster times on Strava segments. It is a ton of fun if you can get a group of people together and go. I never understood why guys/gals were into it until I got some lights and went out with them.

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    I run 1000 on my head and 1000 on my bars, a little over kill but it allows me to rip at night as if I was riding during the day.

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    I have a 1200 wide flood on my bars and 2200 spot on my helmet.

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    I started night riding about 8 years ago with a buddy of mine here in Gainesville, FL. I bought him a Stella 120 from a local bike shop and myself one as well. We rode the heck out of the local trail called The Rock. Shortly thereafter I didn’t think my 120 was enough and I bought a Stella 200 from the Light & Motion website and it was great. Shortly after that, I wanted more, and bought a Stella 400 Dual pair from the website. They were so bright, they outshone my 200. It was a little while after that when we stopped night riding. My daughter was born and I wasn’t able to night ride anymore.

    Here I am a few years later and I replaced my 200 light head with a Stella 500 one from the Amazon Warehouse for about 60 dollars which now outshines my 400 Duals. Since we can now ride again, I shall give my 200 light head to my buddy, although he will need a battery to power it. Night riding, even on the same trail is a new adventure altogether, and extremely fun. Give it a try, you people who have never given it a shot.

    I will clarify, the 120s, 200, and 500 are all helmet mounted. My Stella 400 Duals are bar mounted.

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    I ride at night for one reason………..because of day light WASTING time. I would much rather NOT ride at night but am forced to. I typically ride one evening a week and enjoy a long ride on the weekends light free.


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