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      Any tips on how to make them aware that you are around so they dont come your way? Would the deer horn for cars work? Saturday Night I came across 2 packs of deer(different location, same woods) and a pack came right across the trail while a had headlights on almost trampled. But seeing if there are any work around for this. First year riding so i dont know if this is something everyone runs into or not.



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      Wow, and I thought my area had a deer infestation problem!….sounds like you’re up to your eyeballs in deer.

      During hunting season I ride with a bluetooth speaker playing a Led Zepplin/Van Halen mix to alert the hunters that I ain’t a deer. Perhaps if you played a coyote/wolf territory call loop the deer would hightail it away from you?  Of course, if you have wolves in your area those same calls may piss them off and prompt them to come looking for you? ….so maybe just stick with playing the music of your choice.  :- )

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      Venison is quite tasty. Just sayin’.

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      I second what Robert Dobbs said about the music. I know some people get irked by people playing music out loud and I used to feel the same, but I’ve evolved on this issue over the past year after a couple close calls. Not only does it alert wildlife of your presence (I’m more worried about skunks personally), but I ride a lot of multi-use and two-way trails that have blind turns and the music has prevented potential accidents even in the daylight. I try to listen to stuff that wouldn’t be offensive to the ears (no death metal…I keep that to myself lol) and keep the volume at a level where it isn’t filling the woods around me so people only hear for 20 seconds or less when I’m moving. I just really enjoy listening to music when I’m riding. I used to wear headphones, but that’s another safety issue….

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      I have a Timber bell on my bike that can be set to ring freely when riding or quiet.

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      I agree you can also use your bell and just ring it if you see them but I ride not with my earphones on instead I have a jbl Bluetooth speakers which I play with upbeat music during the trip so I guess deers would be bothered if they hear your music.

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      I once rode through a small heard night riding just had to go slow. Pretty spectacular.  Some of the best single track was created by them!

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