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      I am a newer rider and the more I ride the more I enjoy it, looking for anyone to share equipment and or add one to there bike or apparel, I am struggling changing to MTB shoes and clips, my buddies say just do it, guess hate the thought of less control. Please share with a newbie looking to learn



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      Pedals are all preference. Go with what works best for you! I like clips personally but I know tons of people who run flats.

      When I went to clips, I spent a good couple of hours just at my local park and barkyard just getting used to the idea of clipping in and out. Lowered my seat as much as I could as well to make it easier to bail. I also use Shimano SH56 cleats. They are multi-release which means that you can pull your foot off the pedal in just about any direction (except for straight up).

      As for upgrades besides pedals: Dropper posts are a great way to increase the convenience of dropping the seat and getting it out of the way when the trail gets gnarly.

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      It is not clear how new you are but I would not recommend clips until you develop basic skills.  Clips can help you form bad habits.  The bail-out capability with flats are better for new riders too.

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      Welcome to the sport. No equipment will substitute lack of skills. I switched to clipless only after I was able to ride a difficult trail without putting my foot down. It might work for you as well. And still I had a few falls due to being unable to unclip in time.

      Before buying clipless pedals practice to do track stand, get comfortable with your wheels sliding sideways, and just get a feel of your bike. Good luck

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      Flat pedals can be awesome, but only if you have a good set up. Cheap one will seriously compromise your riding abilities. Get a good set of flat pedals with replaceable pins like these Raceface Aeffect pedals.

      Raceface Aeffect Pedals

      I also combine these with a pair of inexpensive soft rubber grippy sneakers like these Newbalance 608v4’s.


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