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      What are those wooden plank trails called? I would really like to find one near me to ride on.

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      well I guess this is a stupid question since no on is replying…. Sorry

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      Not sure what you are talking about. I have some trails near my house that have a lot of low laying wet area’s. There are some raised boardwalks as I like to call them. These are here because it takes so long after rain for these areas to dry out, and some seem to never dry out.

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      Well bike trails aren’t named to specifically tell you if they have these "boardwalks" or not. If you want to find trails around that have those, I would go to your LBS (local bike shop) and ask those guys if you have any trails like that. Or look on this website at the trail info and see if any trails mention something like that.
      good luck

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      Skinnies, Planks, Ladders…they have all sorts of names. Find some freeriders in your area, they will know where to go.


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      Thanks guys, I just wanted to know what to call them when I ask some of the local riders

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      Caesar, here in the Atlanta area you can find a few short ladders and skinnies at Big Creek in Roswell. I think Blankets Creek may have some log skinnies as well.

      If you’re up for a bit of a drive, head to Hurricane Creek in Alabama. That place looks sick!


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