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      Good evening…

      I stumbled upon this forum and decided to check it out. Great site, by the way! 😎

      I grew up riding road bikes for years and years. My favorite bike back in the 70’s was my classic Raleigh Grand Prix 10 speed (remember them?).

      Anyway, over the years, I had gotten out of bike riding, then got back into it, then I finally discovered mountain biking and love it. It’s great fun!

      My brother-in-law (who’s in law enforcement) bought a nice Trek police bike and surprised me by giving me his old Schwinn mountain bike (Aluminum Comp – from WalMart). Now, I have read some negative things about Wally World, but let me reassure you… My brother-in-law’s old Schwinn is not just a run-of-the-mill Wally World bike. He had it upgraded with a new crank, a better Shimano derailleur, new brakes, etc… But his police dept wanted him to buy the Trek instead.

      I have been out on the road getting back into riding a bike, then ventured off onto paved walkways in public parks. Then finally, I went off road onto a beginner singletrack run and had a blast! I want to read more about different trails and how to carefully negotiate tree roots, rocks, etc…

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      Welcome to the party!

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      Its not what brand you ride, Just enjoy.

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      Welcome aboard. Sounds like you are hooked – just like the rest of us. Enjoy!

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      Welcome to the board and to this crazy sport that soon becomes a passion and quickly becomes an obsession. 😃


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      😃 have fun out there. I’m kind of wimpy but I still have fun 😄

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      Welcome, both to the site and to the MTBing world. Enjoy the trails at your own pace and maybe that old Schwinn will show ya a thing or two. This is the place to ask and get questions answered.


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