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      Hello all! I am as new to mountain biking as you can get, as in i’ve never done it before lol. I have a mountain bike that was given to me as a christmas present this past year. It was bought at walmart so I don’t really know a whole lot about it other than I do think it might be a tad bit too tall for me. I don’t really know if I should attempt to ride on this bike or what. Ya kinda hate to get a gift like that and never use it 😕 especially when it’s a nice looking bike! Anybody have any advice about using a bike like this? I would hate to go buy a new expensive bike and then end up storing it in my garage. And not to mention I don’t really have the extra funds for a mountain bike.

      I thought seriously about giving this sport a try last year, but I don’t know anybody who rides and I am very shy so I didn’t/don’t know how to meet other ladies who ride in my area. I would like to find some other beginners in my area. I also would like to find some kind of classes for beginners. I do not know a thing about the proper way to ride or working on my bike. So what would be some advice for a very very beginner 😃

      Are there any other newbies in the Charlotte, NC area who are looking for riding buddies??

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      Check your local mt bike clubs or lbs (local bike store) for group rides. Great place to meet other riders and learn. I live in the Augusta, GA area and our bike club even has a monthly ladies only ride. The club also offers a few times a year skill clinics.

      The Dirt Divas from Charlotte ( come down to ride FATS near Augusta, GA a few times a year. I would check them out.

      Hope that helps you out. -brianW

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      "brianW" wrote

      The Dirt Divas from Charlotte ( … I would check them out.

      Hey there,

      Not from Charlotte, but my wife and I are giving it a serious look as a relocation destination… that being said, I’ve been looking over the area and what Charlotte has to offer riders and I must say a club dedicated to women is pretty unique and kick ass!! My wife is also excited about the prospect of finding other women interested in the sport to help her motivate and improve (she just started riding this year). So, I would second Brian’s suggestion and check out the Dirt Divas. I know it can be intimidating, but one of the things that you will quickly learn about the mountain biking world is people are (generally) really laid back, down to earth, great people!!

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