Newbie- 2018 giant stance 2 vs 2017 diamond back mission 1

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      Folks, need your input, as I’m getting a little lost in the details.   2000 price tag on both.  Which would you recommend..2018 Giant stance 2, or 2017 DB Mission 1.   Looking for trail riding.

      Thanks for input and why.

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      Giant Stance 1 vs. Trance 3


      see the link above on this question


      You may be happier with a Trance vs the Stance, but have you been on the DB Corp site and signed up to look at other options?

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      Yes..the trance 3 would be better..but it’s also 700 more (2700) Canadian prices.  I didn’t sign up to DB for promos or whathaveyou..i think that’s what you meant.  I’ll do that.

      The other bike in that 2 g price range down here would be the Ghost Kato  fs 2.7.    The ghost and the Stance or bikes I can test ride..but it’s a parking not telling me much.  The DB I have no way to try..i would just be ordering from USA.

      I’m leaning towards the Stance for simple fact that bike shop here gives 5 yrs of free tune ups..however I don’t like that the bike frame is an older tech in listening to you should spend on a good frame.   I think the parts on the Stance are older too..

      My choices down here seem limited..especialy at my price point, so please feel free to recommend!



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      Google the DiamondBack corporate code to find the discount code and sign up for that

      Not sure what all the details for Canada are

      see who will rent bikes of what you want, most apply the rental charge to the sale price if you like it and buy

      I started on the same between the Stance and Trance and actually got a really good deal on a 2017 Anthem SX off Pinkbike

      Pinkbike will get you more bike for your money as you’ll hear everyone say, but supporting your LBS (if you have a good one that will have your back on your bike) is worth buying new


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        I bought the 2018 Stance 2 last fall and I think it’s a really fun bike to ride.  Yes, it doesn’t have the greatest components, but it’s still a lot of bike for the money.  I also think that it has the best color scheme in the Giant lineup (but beauty is in the eye of the beholder).

        I have also read good things about the Marin Hawk Hill and Rift Zone lines if you’re looking for an entry level full suspension bike.

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