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      Hello my name is Smitty and I am a gravity sled junkie. 😃

      Although after being on a few trails here in Great Falls the need for a more all mountain/freeride bike is a must.

      Current ride is a 2005 Giant DH Comp with many upgrades.

      USAF for last 20 years, ready to retire when the next job comes along.

      I have a small Mtn Bike forum that I started with a group of riders in Germany, and now most of us are in the USA.

      Thats about it.


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      Welcome back to the US B40. Thanks for spending the last 20 years keeping us safe here. 😀 Bet theres some pretty good riding in Montana, downhill or cross-country. Enjoy!

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      Hey B40Huckers,that’s great you are hooked up here on,any service man or women on this web site is a very welcome honor.And that’s really great you are interested in an all mountain/trail bike,I ride trail/all mountain so you can guess where my excitment comes from on that topic,hahaha.well,just wanted to say hey and hope you like it here on yeah,there’s a dude called Bomberdier on here,I think you two will get along since he served in germany also. steve32300

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      Thanks for the welcome fellas, I will enjoy this site for sure.
      Took the DH for a ride here yesterday and damn thing does not pedal up hill well at all. lol
      Think I am going to try and trade in for a Giant Reign 6.0 as I think it will be a better all purpose bike for me.

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      Welcome to Singletracks, B40!

      Yeh, I was in Germany (Mannheim) for 3 years as mentioned. Cut my teeth on mountainbiking while I was there.

      I recently demo’ed a ReignX, and I gotta say…. it’s a sweet ride. Even with 6.7" of travel, it pedals very well uphill. Much better than my 40lb Nomad. 😏

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      Hello and thanks, yeah I think the Reign is the way to go for me.
      I am from Pueblo Co so you are close to where I grew up…I miss it thats for sure.

      As for Germany its where I cut my teeth in DH, also cut my shins, elbows, wrists, hands, hips, skull…ha ha yeah I am accident prone. 😃

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