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      hey guys, just checking in. im not new to cycling, but new to mountain biking. i’ve had a hardrock sport since ’06 but never had anyone available to get into the sport with so i put it aside. however, i just bought a trek 4300 and hit some real trails for the first time and absolutely loved it. i got lucky that someone from work was in to riding and she and her boy-toy, who introduced me to the site, have been great about helpin me out and bringing me along to ride.

      lookin forward to talking to you guys here, and even more so to hittin some more trails.

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      Lafourche, huh? the accent is a little different down there than here, it reminds me more of my hometown of franklin, LA.

      right now im trying to get my brother back in to riding, he used to be big into it, as well as my cousin who still rides, but has no time right now with school.

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      Just great… Someone else for Goose to talk that weird french gibberish to. LOL 😃 . Just kidding. It’s a pleasure to have ya aboard nickrm. If thres anything we can help you with feel free to drop a line 😄 .

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      Hey man, great to have you here.

      As the Goose said above, ask and you shall receive (usually haha). But yeah there’s no such thing as a stupid question, and we all learn from each other, making the riding experience that much better. So look around the site and enjoy.

      Definitely keep at it with getting others involved, it tends to make the rides more enjoyable when you go out.

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      thanks for the welcome guys. i really appreciate it.

      as far as bogalusa, thats a completely different world apart from it all. im not too sure what they speak there. 😏

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      "Mongoose" wrote

      BTW, how is Lake Pontchartrain doing and that long, long, long 25 mile bridge?

      i think i speak for everyone around here when i say i wont cross that bridge unless i absolutely have to. its the most boring drive fathomable. i usually only cross it when im workin, so its an incentive =)

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      Yeah Nick. Welcome to the site. I’m nobody’s boy-toy though. I told her you said that and she said she’s gonna kick your butt…

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      Welcome to the Forum NickRM. Glad to see you got some folks willing to take you out in the woods and show you some trails. Its a great sport that you can take in many directions – and I think they are all pretty fun.

      Course that boy toy comment could get you left alone on the shortcut through the swamp. 😆

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      Course that boy toy comment could get you left alone on the shortcut through the swamp.

      Reminds me of a movie,now what the heck was the name of it????……..Oh yeah,,,,,Deliverence…………….hahahahahahahahaahahaha.If ya hvanet seen it,I would recomend seeing it before you get left out in the woods.hahahaha.

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      oooooo good movie. good point. Devin, im sorry =(

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