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      Just mounted tubeless on my daily driver GT Pantera Expert hardtail. Threw a set of Huck Norris in the mix just for the heck of it. My question to the peanut gallery is this.

      I weigh 200 on the nose. I ride in the Lancaster Pa area so we deal with rocky trails at times. What tire pressure do some of you guys run with a 3.0 27.5 plus tubeless tire

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      Howdy! Are you running the TCS Tough or TCS Light version? The more supportive of the TCS Tough casing allows me to run considerable lower pressures than the TCS Light version. On my Surly Krampus, with 29 x 3.0 TCS Tough Rangers on a rim with a 45mm inner rim width, I feel comfortable running 12 psi. I’d say 15+ with the TCS Light version.

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      I am running the TCS Toughs

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      Huck Norris should definitely let you get down pretty low if that’s your goal. I agree that 15-20psi should be doable, but that it definitely depends on how you ride.

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        THANK YOU ! I rode yesterday at 18lbs in rears and 16lbs in front. Amazing how well those tires feel on the trail!

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