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      Hello all from Central Cali! I have just started back riding after a 20 yr Hiatus.

      I have a Trek Fuel 70 FS. I would like to upgrade components- front shocks(Reba)

      Air shock is also Rock Shox.  Would also like to upgrade swingarm. How do I go about determining which component is appropriate  for this frame! There’s so much to chose from, but I just need to be pointed on the right direction!

      The type of riding I do is Single Track, nothing extreme.

      Thanks for th advice.

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      The best thing I can say is go online an look up all the specs for your bike and make sure you are looking at the right year as they tend to change things from year to year.  If you can’t find something you can measure it on your bike.  Make sure to measure several times to make sure you are getting the right thing.  A lot of the time you can find a lot of stuff about your bike on the manufacturers website or you can also go to your lbs (local bike store) and ask them questions.   I hope that helps you out some.

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      You could get your local Trek dealer involved too.

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      Knowing the year of the bike would be helpful.  If it is an older model, you could most likely have a straight steerer tube on your fork, limiting the choices in new forks, as most bikes now have tapered steerers.

      You also mentioned you want to upgrade your swingarm?  I’m thinking you mean your rear shock?  You will need to have the specific measurements from eye to eye and the stroke length.  This Youtube video shows you how to do the measurements.

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