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      Hello everyone, just found the board, really nice. I have been MTB’ing for about 4 years started on hard tails, the last 2 of which where my first with front suspension systems and actualy (for the first time) they had working or at least present geared drivelines recently i got into some down hill BMX on an ’05 freeagent but talk about a rough ride. Just over the weekend i bought my first full suspension. I purchased a ’07 Diamondback Coil EX for 299 @ dicks, looked like good components for the price so i said what the heck and went for it. Saturday morning i found myself riding at first through cape may then through some trails across the street from my house. Really looking forward to getting out on some intermediate trails. I just moved here from Maine, in the Coast Guard active duty firefighter, love everything outdoors. In Maine i road Mt. A and the york pits alot, here i guess my closest is belliplain state forest or the pinelands, but my understanding is its all flat trails, still fun nontheless. take care, good riding.

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      Welcome to SingleTracks go5dune.

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      Greetings from another Virginian. Wow, riding in Maine has got to be awesome. Probably tons of logging road type trails up there. Hope you find some cool stuff in your new locale.

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      Maine has some sweet trails, MT Aggy is really good downhill, theres some good trails up in and by portland but the best are in my opinion up in Acadia, if you ever have the chance to vacation up there go straight to the national forest, it is truly amazing, breath taking and the best part is totaly preserved unaltered nature. i love it. like you said the logging trails are intense, my buddy went to school there for awhile and rode em alot. he loved em.

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      Welcome to the board go5dune. I’ve heard there are some great trails up there however have never been there. Hope you find some awesome trails and get some pics to share with us 😃


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