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      Hey all:

      I ride/live in Colorado Springs. I mainly ride a Gary Fisher Sugar 4, I ride it pretty much everywhere right now. Just sold my old Trek 930 because I had nowhere to keep it, broke my heart. I also own a Raleigh R-800 Road bike and a cruiser.

      My favorite rides in Colorado Springs are Rampart Reservoir and Palmer Park, in the Denver area it would be Waterton Canyon. Overall, I’ve probably enjoyed riding in Winter Park more than anywhere else, but I’ve not been to the heavyweight mecca’s such as Fruita or Moab.

      Pleased to make everyone’s acquaintances.

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      LOTS better riding here in Denver than Waterton canyon, Freak, Next time you are up this way let me know and i’ll go with you here. There are lots of Colorado Springs people here who can give you better trail advise on that area, but I like Buckhorn/ Captain Jacks myself!

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      Oh, most definitely. I’m slowly getting around to adding the trails I’ve ridden, and some aren’t in here yet, like Chair Rocks – I’d add it, but I don’t quite remember how to get there. I can drive to it no problem, but telling someone else, that’s another story.

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      Captain Jacks is good riding, but it’s gotten a bit worn down lately. Once you get farther in though, it’s good riding! I personally love the chutes and stratton (they’re on the other side of Gold Camp Road). Columbine is pretty nice too. Lots of great trails in the area! Anyone know why Gold Camp Road is on here as a trail?

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      I just rode the Chutes last week for the first time, it is a blast! The whole Stratton area is fun, but the Chutes, damn, that was a good few minutes.

      I think Gold Camp Road is on here since a lot of MTB’ers ride it as training.

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      I was just on the chutes today again. It’s always a blast for me! Going down is worth anything it might take to get up. I love that trail!!

      I guess you’re right about Gold Camp Road. It can be nice to train on. A fairly gradual hill, trails branching off left and right, the works. The top could be considered a fire road too. Works for me!

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      Gold Camp is listed as a trail I guess because it’s used to link together Buckhorn & C-Jacks with Columbine & the Chutes.

      Welcome to Singletracks! 😎

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