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      My family and I just moved to the phoenix area (west valley specifically) and I am looking to give MT Biking a go.  We just got here from GA and over there I was mostly into Whitewater boating and backpacking but have been looking to give biking a shot.

      Im 38 and in pretty decent shape.  Can someone recommend a good starter bike that can be also rode reasonably well around town…?  I don’t plan on getting to crazy with it at first so Im not thinking full suspension is really needed……or is it?  Anybody from the area willing to have me tag along?  Im not a complete idiot and Im fairly easy to get along with……a buddy I backpacked with in GA was super big into biking and one of the things i liked about it was him telling e about the workdays and such….Im all about that.

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      Here’s another idea for you as well. Get a free account at and join all the MTB groups that interest you. You will get email notices when rides are planned and you choose which ones you might want to join in on. It’s a great way to meet new people and learn new trails. They will specifically say if it’s a beginner ride, how far or fast they plan on going, etc…There are many, many biking and outdoor enthusiast groups in Phoenix. You can join one or five or fifty. There are meet up groups for everything under the sun from yoga to child play dates to old car junkies. Here is the mountain biking link:

      You don’t need full suspension in Phoenix to start out. Phoenix has tons of bike shops and many of them have “demo days” where you can ride the bikes they sell for free. That way you can check out many different bikes, brands and models to see what suits your style, price range and size. You could scour Craigslist for a decent bike but it all depends on how much you’re willing to spend.

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