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      Hello everyone!

      I am Eric and just bought my first real mountain bike, 2014 Giant Talon 27.5 4.

      Tired of being fat so thought this was a good way to have fun, lose weight, and hurt myself. Grew up racing BMX so am very comfortable on a bike.

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      Welcome, have fun and enjoy! Biking can definitely help you lose weight! It worked for me and many others around here.

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      Hurting yourself seems counter productive to "fun" and the ability to lose weight but hey, who am I to judge. lol

      Welcome to the site and mountain biking.

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      It was a joke. My wife always teases me I am a klutz. Any new riders in the OC area wanting to ride together?

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      LOL. I know it was a joke, just some humor on my part. But… definitely wear a helmet if your wife is right. 😃

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      ALWAYS wear a helmet. Don’t need to lose anymore brain cells

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      New here as well and got the same bike. How are you liking yours? I’m doing work to improve braking performance…bleeding and maybe going to organic pads…

Viewing 6 reply threads

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