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      When I was younger I rode a little off road but not like what I see now. I rode some of the local trails with my 15 year old son and quickly realized how out of shape I was and such a novice. My son had to give up racing Hare scrambles and Enduro’s due cost. I am hoping this is something that he can substitute. He seems to like it it a lot and rides a whole lot better that me. We don’t know to much about the sport, the equipment and the racing. I am hoping I will be able to learn from this site and fellow riders. My son has expressed interest in racing as well. Again raced so he has a head start. I feel like I just learned how to walk when it comes to mountain biking ).
      We live in Central Florida and the weather is perfect now and would like to ride as much as possible.


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      Welcome aboard. A mountain bike will let you know your fitness in a hurry. 😆 Many of us that ride are "not as young as we used to be". I started at 46 and now at 57 am riding the best ever, although still I am usually in the sweep position. 😃 Its all about staying in shape and having fun. Plus the distance you can travel adds a huge adventure dividend.

      A lot of my ride buddies are current or ex-motorcycle riders. They already had a good skill set and adapted to mountain biking quickly. I would guess your son will too. Have Fun!

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      Where in Central Florida are you? I’m currently living in the Tampa area and ride at Alafia and Boyette a lot. I can get you into contact with some of the racers in this area if you’d like.

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      It’s hard to compete with youth!! Just be patient, your endurance will improve quickly if you stay with it. I ride with a few ex-motocross guys that are extremely competitive. They started racing xc a few years back and are doing well here locally. Just enjoy the time with your son.

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