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      Hey all,

      I am about to move down to Fayetteville, NC and am hoping to get more into biking, off of paved roads. I’m a fair to middling road biker but have only done a little bit of trail and downhill riding. I had to get rid of most of my bikes before the move, but I kept a fixie for city riding and a Trek 6500 for other use. It’s an older bike, from around 98 or so. Front suspension, but no disc brakes and platform pedals. I plan to move to SPD pedals, once I find some I like.

      Basically I just wanted to introduce myself here and ask for advice. Advice on trails within a couple hours of Fayetteville, where to get started, if y’all have any groups in the area that are beginner friendly and anything else you can offer a newbie.

      Looking forward to getting back in the saddle!

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      I dont live in NC but I was going to respond and say welcome to the site. I am sure you have looked already but there are a few trails around Fayettville and a lot of trails around Raleigh.( … ls_26.html) There is a lot of good information here. The people are great and anything you need to know just ask, it will be answered.

      As for the pedals I am not sure what you have been looking at but I have tried a few pedals before I ended up getting crank brothers ( … edals.aspx) I really like those pedals. They are just egg beaters with a little platform.

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