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      I know there are numerous threads of beginners and what bike should I get. I know very little at the moment about bikes and could really use some advice.

      I purchased a 2018 specialized rockhopper yesterday for $399 and it seemed like a decent beginner bike at a great price but got an email last night saying they did not have anymore in stock and they will contact me today about an alternate bike. I dont think they will have a bike comparatible at the same price and I think I am going to have to start over.

      I am 5’3″ tall and weigh about 135 and I want to start riding local trails. With local bike shops closed in my area I will be searching online. Whatever I get I want to be able to have the option to upgrade down the road.

      I know this is pretty vague but being so green to the sport I dont know where to start. I know alot of people say buy used but I dont know what to look for and am afraid I might end up getting in over my head. Plus I need a Small since I am so short. Also anything more expensive is doable as long as they have financing as my wife will not let me use anymore money from our accounts lol.

      Any help would be appreciated.

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      <p style=”text-align: right;”>I am currently looking at this bike.</p>

      FujiNevada 29 1.1 – 2018 $848 and was $1099.00

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      You’ll end up with a much better bike if you spend closer to $1000.  $500 bikes just don’t hold up.  Also I think you would be happier with a 27.5+ bike.

      27.5+ Trek Roscoe 6  $1000

      27.5+ Salsa Rangefinder Deore  $1100

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        Hey I’m very open to suggestions.

        Are you suggesting the 27.5s because of my heighth? Would 29s be to much for me?

        Currently I’m looking at the Fuji Nevada 29 1.1. It was originally $1100 and is on sale for $848 with free shipping. What do you think about it?

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        Of course, there are exceptions to every rule but in general, smaller wheeled bikes work better for shorter people and taller wheeled bikes work better for taller people.  You could ride a 29er but I expect that you might have a hard time finding one that has a low enough standover height for your size.  Because a 27.5 bike has a smaller wheel, the standover height is lower.  Bike companies could make 29er bikes with lower standover heights but they mostly don’t.  When you stand over a bike with both feet flat on the ground, does your crotch touch the toptube?  You don’t want your junk hitting the toptube!  In addition, there is also the feeling of proper proportions or what feels right size-wise.  If most people weren’t much taller than 5’6″, I doubt that 29er’s would be a thing.

        Recently, my 5’3″ wife bought a new bike.  She tried about 10 different small/extra-small 29ers and every one of them had a too high standover height and on every 29er she looked like a child riding a too-big bike.  When we switched to 27.5 bikes, the standover was low enough and she just looked/felt right on that wheel size.  Many bike companies now make their small and extra-small bikes with 27.5 wheels and then make the larger sizes with 29er wheels.  The Trek Fuel EX is one example.  However, if you can find a 29er with a low enough standover and you like it, go for it!  However, I wouldn’t buy any bike without being sure that the standover is low enough.   For my wife, even some of the 27.5 bikes had a too-high standover.  Try it before you buy it!  Getting the right fit is definitely a little more challenging for shorter people.

        I also recommended the Roscoe and Rangefinder because they have Plus tires.  The rear end of a hardtail can give a pretty jarring ride.  Using high-volume low-pressure Plus tires reduces the sting and that makes them more fun to ride.

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      Tire size is totally a matter of preference. That being said a some 29in bikes feel bigger and don’t fit shorter people as well, but certainly not all are that way.  I’m 5’9″ and prefer 27.5, my wife is 5’1″ and prefers 29..  Without test riding a couple of bikes it is near impossible to tell what fits you and what you would prefer..   The best bet without demoing bikes would be a 27.5 from one of the bigger brands.

      As far as price there are relatively decent starter bikes in the $350 to $550 range but none that I know of in that range are great for upgrading down the road.  For hardtails the price where they get to be good quality and better for upgrading is from $1000 to $1500. If you opt for full suspension, the same quality is in the $2000 to $2500 range.  I personally, in the cheaper to mid range bikes, like the brands of Giant, Santa Cruz, and Salsa. But there are dozens of very good brands and bikes.

      And of course, for either style, you can find top of the line bikes with cutting edge technology for over $10,000.

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      I love my full suspension but have a bad back and live where it’s rocky. Age doesn’t help. If young and have a good back stick with a hard tail. I’d also suggest a 27.5 at your height. I weight just 5 pounds more, nothing will break. Bikes are built to handle heavier people. Broke 1 chain in 59 years of biking. You will always find better deals with used bikes but it helps to have someone with you who can point out the good and bad parts. Look for a bike with progressive geometry. Stay away from 26″ wheels, big penalty in what it will roll over and speed.

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