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      I’m very new to *real* mountain biking. I’ve only been twice now — and it about killed me both times.

      And, I’m also new to clipless shoes. I recently bought some for a spin class, so, I figured I’d get pedals for my Trek 820 as well. I love them on the road, but, on the mountain, they kill me.

      I keep forgetting to unclip when I lose momentum, or just lose my balance going slow. I figure eventually I’ll remember 😀

      Well, this weekend, I bought a new bike, with full suspension. And, I thought I’d add clickless to it, and found these: I thought they’d be extra nice to have, so I don’t wreck my shiny new bike right away. But, then I read the reviews . . .

      So, my question: Should I put my nice double sided clipless pedals onto my new bike, or, do you think I’d learn to fall less using the pedal version? The reviews on mtbr seem to say that I should suck it up, and put on the clip-only pedals.

      Thanks in advance,


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      I say you are a noob 😀
      hehe J/K

      Don’t worry folks Codemonkey is a RL friend of mine

      You and I talked about this before. I am not a clip fan; I tried it for about 2 years and never got the comfort level I was looking for. I would say give it a good year test. If after that time you still don’t feel 100% switch over and give that a test. You may discover that after a year you are apprehensive because of the though of being clipped in. It maybe that you never feel comfortable but when you switch to flats you will miss being clipped in.

      I did like the power (pull-ups with push-down) and support feeling, but I never liked technical riding with clips.

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      I’ve seen those Campus pedals, and they’re garbage…. as in you’ll loose spring tension within a month. The platform on them isn’t enough to make up for it either.
      I’ll recommend what I do to every beginner. Get some CrankBrother’s Mallets. They’re worth the weight they add to the bike, and though the lack the adjustable float of SPD pedals, once the springs & cleats break in (1-2 weeks and/or 2-3 good rides 5+ hrs), they offer a large amount of security without being too confining. And if you don’t feel comfortable, their platform is large and stable enough to allow for a secure and comfortable ride. Just make sure you use a shoe with somewhat of a heel, as plain flat shoes will give you a "hot-spot" from the spring. A taller heel will alow the spring to sit in the groove.
      But whatever you use, remember to unclip well before you get ready to dismount or reach a technical section. Ride about on the street and practice unclipping with both feet. Most people only dismount to one side, and thus always put down the same foot. Break that habit, as you’ll not always be able to dismount to the same side. Practicing on grass is a no-no, as it’s harder to pedal and it saps momentum. Just ride on normal pavement or a smooth trail.
      You can also get SPD pedals with plastic platform inserts. Most LBS’s will have stacks of these laying around, as nobody wants them when they buy a new bike. However, it seems that whenever you want to switch from clipped to un-clipped, you have to catch them before the platform flips to the bottom. If it does, then you have to flip it back with your toe and catch it. Not fun.
      I’m telling you, C’bro’s Mallets. Get ’em, learn ’em, love ’em. Weight-weenie lycra-crowd be damned.

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      So — you’re saying that the combo (platform + clipless) does well for you?


      My bike is in the shop right now — can’t wait for it to get out so I can finish getting used to it!


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      If I may add my 2 cents worth. I just purchased the Shimano M520 and I love them. The adjustments are super easy. I am just learning myself ansd so I have the adjustments set so that I can escape with no effort at all. Mind you that I still ended up falling over once.


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      My question was really clipless -vs- clippless w/ pads -vs- pads.

      And, I think the resounding answer has ended up being — whatever you like best.

      I’m not sure what I like less yet. In spin class, I love clipless. Riding on roads, I love clipless . . . mostly.

      I’m *still* not 100% comfortable unclipping when an emergency occurs (lose speed, come to a stop sign, etc). But, I’m getting better.

      The only thing I like about the pads is, I can just jump on my bike, no matter what I’m wearing. . . . it’s nice when the kids wanna ride around the block.

      I *think* if I continue to like pads and clipless, I’ll end up buying the *better* pedals.

      But, for now . . . I still have no clue 😀


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