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      Hello all just wanted to say hi and possibly get some sizing help. I’ve only been mt biking a few times but I’m hooked its great fun and wow what a work out – I’m sick of spending countless hours in the gym on a treadmill starting to feel like a hampster on one of those wheels

      Anyway I’m looking to buy my first mtb but I’m having some issues with sizing

      I am 6’2" and about 220lbs with a 34" inseam I was told at the my LBS here that I could do either L or XL – the L feels a little small, but the XL feels a bit broad for me in the shoulders. I have been reading through many different forums and seems this is a common problem for people that are in between sizes. The L definitely felt much more maneuverable but a tad small while the XL seemed somewhat bulky and standing up didnt really make much of a difference.

      I am trying to commit myself to the the 2008 Mongoose Tyax Pro XL b/c it is last years model its at a pretty good price $450 and it has avid juicy 3 brakes which are supposed to be a substantial upgrade from what its supposed to come with. It also has an upgraded suspension. Because the rest of the bikes I’ve seen are this years models, all the other Large sized bikes are 2009s and much more expensive even though not as high quality as the 2008 Tyax a much better value (plus the color on the 2008 is exactly what I was looking for)

      So it comes down to size – I don’t want to buy an XL bike despite the value if its just not going to be the right fit. Staniding over the bike the XL does NOT give much room between the top bar and well- the boys – possibly an inch. But its not uncomfortable its just touching me. (apologize for bluntness) And I know thats the first thing to do when sizing the bike. The L unfortunately has a a few more inches of breathing room – but exactly how important is this test?

      Any help/advice would be great! I can’t wait to get a bike and start this I have only been a few times on a friend’s Medium sized bike but it was great fun.

      Thank you all!

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      "newriderAXP" wrote

      The L unfortunately has a a few more inches of breathing room – but exactly how important is this test?

      In my limited experience I’d say this test is quite important. If you just barely clear the bar on the showroom floor, you’ll hang up on it off-road, esp on the steeps. Besides the discomfort, I’ve had situations where I’m dangling from the bar and still unable to get both feet(toes) on the ground. Getting dismounted when you’re hung up on the bike and still slipping downhill is.. entertaining.

      (I’m on the short side and ride a S framed rush. I wish I’d waited and found an XS. Heck, if my ego could handle it, I’d probably be better served on a 24")

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      Is there an update on this newrider? What bike did you end up going with ? I am 6’1 and first bought a diamondback XL which is a 22" I believe… thought it was fine in the parking lot and the road…. but as soon as I hit the trails, it was obvious it was to large for me… I just couldn’t man handle the thing around like I wanted to…

      I returned it after 2 days and bought a 19 1/2 inch frame… fits perfect.. I even tried the 18" but felt a little too cramped.. I ended up getting a 2009 Trek 3700 and love it… haven’t looked back.. I’m new to mountain biking so this bike is a good fit for me as I haven’t rode a bike in 8 years..

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      That "rule" of having that room on the inseem is a bit fuzzy simply because different manufactures have different slopes on the top tube, others have a bend there to give extra room. Go with what Mongoose said. Head over your LBS and have them fit you and allow you on a test ride. You have to remember every manufacture sizes their bike slightly different with different dimensions and ratios (seat tube length to top tube length).

      What you want to ask yourself while riding is:

      Do I feel cramped.
      Do I feel to extended.
      Do i have a slight bend in the elbows.
      Do I have proper leg extension.
      When I have my crank set at (looking from the right side) 3pm is my knee directly over my pedal.
      Can I move my body weight behind the saddle and back without crashing into the boys (for when you do a steep decent).

      Basically i tend to have people fitted to the smaller frame and then play with setback seatposts and slightly longer stems or risers bars, or bar width (for those with broad shoulders). All these slight changes are within reason +- 10mm otherwise it will change the dynamics of the bike and change the way the bike behaves to much.

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      Wow – all this quick advice is great and I thank you! Seems that bikers are generally pretty laid back and very willing to help out and give out advice which is awesome – definitely something I want to get into

      I have not bought a bike yet – the majority of people I’ve talked to and what I’ve read on these forums is that you want to go with the smallest bike possible that still fits you without being cramped – so that points me in the L frame direction instead of the XL

      especially b/c on the XL my arms were fully extended and just felt very broad in the shoulders and very high off the ground – on the L – I could definitely feel that I could whip the thing around a lot easier and dismount pretty quick if needed – I tried getting off the XL and my foot kept hitting the top tube – so I know what I’m looking for now and learning a lot so I just gotta find one I like!

      Thank you for all your help!

      What do you guys think of 29ers?

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      I will be fair and say I cannot comment on 29ers simply because I have not had the urge to try one…however the Pivot 29er looks nice…A bit pricy though.

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      Gary Fisher makes some great 29er’s. You’ll have to check your sizing for them because most people say it can be different from the 26". There are a lot of good attributes to riding a 29er such as faster speed, smoother ride, and ease of riding over obstacles. I have been led to belive that the 29er market is mostly geared toward XC and Trail bikes as the wheels aren’t as good for AM or the more agressive styles but there may be stuff available that I don’t know of…

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