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      Hey all, I’m a beginner on the MTBing scene and am hoping to get some recommendations on wheel sets or tire setup. First, a little background information. I participated in my first adventure race a little over a month ago and have since sold my Trek Fuel EX 5.5 Stock and purchased a new Epic Comp 09′. I had been ridding my trek for a few months and felt confident riding the Trails at Oleta State River Park. Since I purchased my new Epic that has changed. At first I realized that certainly I would need time to get used to the bike but also the suspension and tire setup are completely different on this bike then my previous one and might not necessarily be the best setup for my aggressive riding style. To shorten my story I crashed, wiped out and was sliding all over the place as if it was my first time there. With some help and advice from some local Epic riders I was able to tune my suspension some and was able to ride a little more comfortable the rest of that day. I found in another forum some recommended settings for air pressure to get a better grip but I feel that the tires included, S-Works Fast Trak LK, 26×2.0", 120 TPI, tubeless ready aramid bead, dual compound, are not gripping the terrain at Oleta enough for me to make the turns like I used to. Should I buy a new set of tires or wheel set? The stock rims are: Custom DT Swiss X420SL, 24mm w/ eyelets, 28/32h. Could you please make some recommendation or should I stay with the stock setup and try to become efficient with the setup? I have three upcoming races which I would like to compete so speed and control are important for me.

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      Well the wheelset would have no bearing on your loss of traction. As long as the wheels seem solid and true, without too much flex in the corners, stay with them until they break, wear out or you need something lighter.

      I would definitely look at tires first.

      One of the other riders from FL can give you pointers on what works best there.

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