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      I have a set of Rapid Robs on my 29er hardtail that are likely heading into their final season before needing to be replaced.  As the Robs have been discontinued I was hoping to get some advise on which rubber to consider.  Tubeless is a must, I ride trails in Florida and would like a mix of low roll resist but high traction.  Nobby Nics?  Racing Ralph?  Magic Mary?  Maxxis Ardents?  Thoughts please…

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      If you are racing cross country I would suggest racing Ralph’s .  Fast rolling but still a decent amount of grip.  If just trail riding go with nicks or other more aggressive tires.

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      I have Ardents on one bike and Minion DHFs on the other.  For me Ardents have a tendency to break loose and then catch again without warning, not confidence inspiring if you are trying to go fast. I don’t race or ride that fast very often so they work for me. I have yet to go fast enough to make the Minions lose traction, so I can’t tell you what they are like on the edge.

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      Ugh … tires… seems I’m always looking for something new and better. 🙂  But I must admit that I ALWAYS come back to Kenda Nevegal Pro’s.  The DTC’s (dual compound) version.  I’m not too concerned with rolling resistance, but for me, the 2.35’s I use roll as easy or better than any tire I’ve tried.  They climb with the best, do corner very well (I have to try pretty hard to loose confidence or control).  Breaking is superb and controlled.  For me, traction on the trails we have in north Texas, they work great.  That includes very hard pack, a lot of loose over hard, roots, rocks, crushed stone, same sand, etc.  They feel very confident going down the rough stuff. They’ve also done me right riding in Colorado, New Mexico, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Tahoe are, etc.  I avoid mud, but when it happens, they do OK.  One observation… Kenda has several versions (rubber compounds) of Nevegals, and they really do feel and act differently.

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      If you’re not racing cross country I would err on the side of traction over all else. I like maxxis minions or wtb vigilantes. It’s also about the casing and compound when it comes to rolling resistance and weight, not strictly the tread pattern.

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      I am currently riding Maxxis Ardents on a Hardtail. I like them OK. Good tires for my area in East Tennessee. They seem to work well on packed clay dirt, loose rock and slick mud. Not so well in sandy areas.

      Prior I had Bontrager Team Issue XR3’s. Really liked those tires, probably more so at this time than the Maxxis Ardent.

      Prior to that I had Kenda Small Block 8s. Not a bad tire, wore well. But the tight pattern allowed them hold dirt and mud easy.

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      +1 for Kenda Nevegal’s

      Not sure how they’ll do on FL trail conditions but I have found them to be decent in the sandy areas that I’ve ridden.

      Like fredcook, I too am trying some new treads right now but I’ll be rolling Nevegals again very soon. They just work well on everything I typically ride, even in winter or when I travel to new places.

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      I’ll check all those out, thanks for feedback please keep it coming.

      I have Maxxis Ikon on my FS and I’m really not a fan.  Although fast, they don’t seem to have the grip in corners enough for my taste.  I would buy another set of Rapid  Robs if they still made em.  Leaning Nobby Nic?  Lots of dry sand and roots in FL

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        Despite all the bad reviews regarding Bontrager XR3 I really like mine. I just put them on a couple weeks ago so I haven’t had them through everything yet, but give me time. I was leaning toward the Kenda also because I like the tread pattern but the Bontragers were on Ebay for super cheapo. Next time if I don’t find a super deal I will go with the Kendas.

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      They still do offer rapid rob after further investigation, $25ea cheap cheap

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      When my robs died I went Bontrager XR3 and never looked back. They roll well and have great traction.

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