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      Myself and my brother are looking into getting into mountain biking. We did it some as children and we are wanting to start something outdoor and fun and this has interested us for a while.

      First, I would like some suggestions on what bikes to look at. We are wanting to do off road trails of all difficutlies, of course moving up as we get better.
      Our budgets are I’d say $800 max, that is for each of us. What I’d like to know is should we go hardtail, or are there some nice full suspension ones for around that price? I just want some all around suggestions on types, brands, and exact bikes. Also, what size should we ride, I am 5’7 and my brother is 5’8. Is 24" standard or 26" or what. Just please give me some info, Thanks everyone.

      Also, any suggestions on other gear like helmets etc. will be aprreciated.

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