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      Hey all, I am brand new to the sport and subsequently the forums. I just picked up my first bike, a 2017 Cujo 1.

      I come from the world of motorcycling and am used to wearing as much ppe as possible. I’ve been able to limp my Duc home with just a few bruises after an OTB accident on the street that should have landed me in the hospital or worse.

      I am looking at knee/elbow protection and am stuck between three different offerings; the Fox Launch Pro D30, the G-Form Elite, and the 661 EVO II.

      Most of the reviews are done by journalists either selling the products, getting affiliate kickbacks, or seem to buy into hype a little too much. Another issue is that they seem to use them for only a ride or two before they start mashing on their keyboards – I want something that lasts.

      Does anyone have any practical, real-world, unbiased experience with these or could recommend something for someone brand-new and VERY likely to spend a lot of time on the ground.

      Thanks in advance.

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      We surveyed 2,100 Singletracks members on this very subject, and the Fox Launch Pro D30 was by far the most popular knee guard.

      Readers’ Choice: Your Favorite Protective Gear, Plus the Second Most Protected Body Part

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      I think you’re asking too much. If you crash a lot, you’ll have to replace your gear. Bulky gear last longer but sucks to pedal in. Everything is a compromise. All that said, I like the troy lee speed sleeve for every day riding and have much more substantial knees for the bike park or hucking off stuff.

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      I have recently tried alpinestars paragon pads and really like them.  Good luck!

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      All three brands are very good.  My only problem with the G30/G-form style pads are their design tends to have less venting than hard pads. Living and riding in the heat of the south I prefer hard pads mostly because if the extra venting and air flow, but even so, it can still be hot to wear. If I am just riding easy I don’t wear pads, riding mildly aggressive I wear  Fox Launch hard pads,  and 661 comp elbow pads

      I also came from the dirt bikes/motocross, and I almost always wear a full face helmet and have a 661 EVO comp pressure suit jacket left over from my motocross riding I plan on using if I ever make it to a down hill park.

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