New Rider Addicted to Riding!!

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      So I just got a Marin Alpine Trail full suspension bike for $150. My last bike was, well still is actually, a Marin Bear Valley steel frame hardtail. What a friggin difference, I am not a very small guy, 6′ 230lbs and the hardtail was rattling my bones. It’s like going from a four wheel drive truck to a Lincoln Navigator. Now I am hooked on riding, my confidence has improved I am learning to let go of the brakes and bunny hop over stuff.

      This is too fun, so i live in Petaluma California, it’s near the Napa wine country. I have sooooooo many options and trails to choose from, that I never knew were there. It’s fun going out on a ride and just picking a trail because you’ve never ridden it, not knowing where it’s going to lead you. My favorite rides are when I have no time restraints and can go exploring trails. I AM ADDICTED!!!!! Rock~~On!![/b]

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      Welcome to the addiction…. and Singletracks!

      I envy your location…. well, maybe not since it’s California…. but the quality trails, definitely. 😎

      Oh yeah….. NO BRAKES!!!! 😼

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      Cool another adict. Maybe we should start Mountain Bikers Anonymous. 😃

      Hey, welcome to SingleTracks. I envy the trails selection but not the state.

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      What up with California?? Seems I live in a bad state?? Oh well, it’s only a matter of time till I move to my place on the Big Island. I have so many choices today, I am undecided which trail I want to ride???? 😎 HMMMM????

      Guess I’ll go do my favorite 19 mile loop up to the West Point Inn on Mount Tam. 😆 As long as I have my fly spray, I’l be fine. Have any of you’s ridden up there?? The flies are so big you can actually see their TEETH!! 😮 And the trippy thing is, the are like hunters man, they stalk ya, then they pounce ya, then they take a chunk of meat off ya!! Killer California Flies, YEAH BABY YEAH!! 😛

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      I guess that I should not judge the whole state. I travel to Cali about four times a year and its always to a city. LA is not my favorite place in the world and I gues thats what turns me off. If Northern California is anything like Oregon and Washington then I would like that. I just like wooded land and you don’t see many tree from Sanfransisco down to San Deigo.

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      Yeah, I think that kinda goes for everywhere I’ve ever been, even Hawaii. 😢 I guess ya gotta have the big city to bring in the revenue. The cool thing is, in fact I noticed a lot of this today on my ride, there is SO much undeveloped land here and a lot of it very near San Francisco, that really blows my mind. You can be stuck in traffic on the bridge, then 15 minutes later you’re in the wilderness, pretty cool. 😃

      I notice your stage name has a couple of familiar vowels in it. If it is appropriate, hell even if it isn’t, I am a friend of the Smith & Wilson tribe.

      Well, the brain is shutting down 😏 , think I need some FOOD!!!! Later, G

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      Life is GOOD!

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      Yeah, especially after you can finally afford nice toys.

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