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      Hey so I’m just beginning to get into mtb and I’m looking for some people around the Connecticut area to ride with, also get some advice right now I just put a down payment on a 2018 cannondale trail 5 is that a good beginner bike? Thanks in advance

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      They only thing that could be better for even a starter bike IMHO, is the fork. If you could afford to step up to the Trail 3 or a Cujo 2 the forks on those are a big improvement. Seems like most brands have cheaper coil forks on anything under $1000.

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      It’s better than the bike I started on, that’s for sure.   Unless you are buying used (which you need to know what you are doing), I think it is pretty close to other bikes in that price range. If you already committed to buy it, just get it and ride. Second guessing yourself sucks out the joy.

      There are a lot of discussions on these boards about what bike a new rider should buy.  The most important things are 1) You actually ride it, often  2) you understand it doesn’t have to be your last bike (you can always sell it later and get something better).  3) You can afford it. It is OK if you can’t responsibly buy a $5000 wonder bike, it is also OK if you can.

      When in doubt, go ride.


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      Honestly any bike regardless of price is okay to start on in my opinion so long as you do one thing: go out and ride it!

      That said, I think one of the biggest criteria I would look for regardless of price is disk brakes.

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        I will +1 to the disc brakes. And the more you weigh the more important it is. Back in the day before disc brakes were common I have have more than one set of cheap rim brakes just fail. And at a little over 200 lbs with gear on, even with better cantilever or straight pull rim brakes I have gone through water and gotten the rims wet and when I hit the brakes all I could think was “O.M.G, I’m going to D.I.E.!

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      I’m not sure you can get a new mountain bike from any respectable company that doesn’t have disc brakes…in case I am wrong you should def go for the disc brakes….otherwise I think putting your money into the best fork you can afford is good advice….

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      Agree: 1) better bikes and components are worth extra money; 2) the most important thing is to start riding.

      Have fun getting into it!

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