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      At the Peekskill Committee of the Whole Meeting Tuesday, City Planner Jean Friedman said the department wanted to create what is known as a "pump track," which is a dirt course littered with small steep hills that allow bikers to gain momentum quickly and perform tricks. The city is looking to acquire grant funding to build the track.

      "It’s basically a training area for learning skills and improving skills, so it covers beginners all the way up to experts," Friedman said.

      Deputy Mayor Drew Claxton said she believed such an attraction would draw bikers from many miles around. … bike-track

      Very cool to see pump tracks going up all around the country. I think the-powers-that-be in Peekskill really get it: pumptracks are great fun, perfect for beginners to experts, and due to their relative rarity at the moment it could prove to be a serious attraction.

      What do you think? Do you travel a ways just to find a pump track?

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      I have never been on one, so would love to try it. My brother read a bit about them and spoke glowingly of their ability to help make you a better rider.

      I’ve got very little space in the woods behind the house and have considered making something of the sort. I don’t think I could squeeze in more than a 1/4 mile of switchbacked singletrack, so maybe that would be the thing to try.

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