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      Well, I thought I have experienced most every malfunction possible on a bike but, a new one has occurred that I need some advice on. Recently, my chain has begun to jump off the chain ring when I take jumps or bunny hops.  not every time but, you can imagine the mental distraction as you ramp up for a challenge. I am currently running a 1×10 with a 36t e-thirteen chain ring, about 5 years old, a  shimano XT cassette, XT derailleur and a KMC chain all about a year  old with enough miles to be well broken in. Could my chain ring be wearing out? It looks to be in pretty good shape to me. Thoughts?

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      The chain jumps off in the air, or when you land?

      Either way, you should look into chain guides like these:

      Also, check to see if your chainring is a narrow-wide. That helps with retention, as does a clutch derailleur.


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      Thanks, Jeff. It is when I land. Upon inspection, my chain guide is looking worn. That is certain a better first choice than a new chainring.

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      I second the narrow-wide chain ring. I was having the chain jump nearly every ride with a chain guide, in fact one particular trail where the chain would jump at the exact same spot on the trail every ride. It was actually kind of comical when not annoying. Switched to the narrow-wide and removed the chain guide, and I literally can’t remember a chain jump since I switched two years ago. Total believer in the narrow-wide config.

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