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      Anyone in the Colorado area know of a good place to take a frame to get it painted? Also any idea how much it usually runs?

      Or is there some sort of company I could mail a frame to that could paint it?

      Thanks in advance!

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      I can’t speak on the Colorado area but I did have a frame painted here in GA about 4 months ago so I did a little research before hand that may help you. I had it powder coated (frame and front fork) for $110. That’s a normal price for powder coating, decal placement, and sand blasting. Most people seem to think that powder coating is more durable than typical paint so I went that route. Normal painting is kind of like painting a car so it depnds ont he number of coats you want as to what it will cost you. I’ve seen as high as $450. I think that the weight difference is marginal.

      All I had to do was dismantle the bike and bring him the decals I wanted him to put on and he was done 4 days later. It looked great. Wish I had a pic but it was a gift for my buddy who is in Iraq right now so I can’t access the bike.

      There are a lot of places you can mail the frame to but you would save some money by getting it done around town.

      The guy I took my frame to powder coats all kinds of things but has probably done about 40 bikes as well. I was a little worried that he didn’t "specialize" in frames as there are a lot of places that don’t need paint on a bike frame but he reassured me when I talked to him. Many auto restoration guys and furniture restoration guys have poder coating facilities so that might be a good place to start looking if you choose to go that route.

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      Do you want it powder coated or rattle canned. I just got done doing this one.


      I have had a lot of people tell me this is the best Rattle Can job they have ever seen. It took me about a week and half to do this and the parts. About three days of prep work and three days of painting, and some days for drying in between.

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      GoldenGoose, I’m from Ga. what company did you use?

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