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      Well started riding in 2000, I have a first edition Schwinn Rocket 88 Stage 2, stop riding in 2001 due to being in the Navy and never being home. Just got out of the Navy and have moved to PA in the York area, need to know where to ride. Thanks to all that help.

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      I’ve got a place to ride up in Morgantown, just off of the turnpike. Plus French Creek & Marsh Creek State Parks are only minutes away from me if yo ever want to head this way.


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      I’m in the West Chester area. Don’t get out your way too often, but I’d be more than happy to show you around if you’re ever in our area.

      There is a rail trail near you that runs 40+ miles in PA, then a lot further than that where it continues into Maryland. Not true mountain biking, but a good place to get out and pedal.

      There’s also a bike shop on that trail called Serenity Station. I’m sure the folks there will have some info to get you started.

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      I am currently visiting my folks about 5 miles from Morgantown. You should have no problem finding the French Creek area. All you have to do to get there is take Route 10 out of Morgantown heading to Green Hills or Reading. There are actually signs on Route 10 that will show you the way. I take some windy ass backroads from where I am staying, but have seen the French Creek signs on the side of Route 10.

      I have also seen a trail marked the THUN trail. This may be what the previous post was referrring to because it is a rail to trail and looked flat and long. I saw it driving back from Reading one day.

      I used to Ski at Blue Marsh when I was a kid, but have never ridden there. It should be easy to get to (we went at least once a week during the winter about 20 yrs ago)

      Dont go too hard at French Creek, my parents said they are removing the disc golf course because of the environmental impact. Crazy sounding, I know, but we don’t want them to get any ideas about bikes!

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      No, the THUN Trail runs from Reading to Montgomery County. The trail to which I was referring is the Heritage Rail Trail. It runs through York County, near the residence of the original poster.

      Here’s a link to all the rail trails in PA: … rails.aspx

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      French creek is def a great ride, 20 miles of trails. May be a bit far from York though. Its only an hour outside phila. I’ve head of some parks in the york area that has some riding. I’ve never been out there though. There is also the Horseshoe trail that runs from Dauphin county(just outside of harrisburgh) all the way to Valley Forge Nation park (130 miles). I’ve only ridden the french creek section of the trail and i’m not sure if its all open to mtb. You may be able to ride it in Dauphin county section. Doubt anyone would stop you as well. Has anyone been on any other sections of the horseshoe trail other then french creek?

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      Take a look at this one: … 73crx.aspx
      Never been there. Just came across it on another site…

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