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      Just read about a 5-mile singletrack loop opening at the French Lick Resort. Apparently there are 3,000 acres of forest available for trails and this is just the start. Official grand opening is Oct. 25 but the trails opened for riding this past weekend. Anyone make it out? Photos!

      [quote]Designer Alex Stewart, known for his work on mountain bike trails in Brown County, Ind., is quoted in a press release as saying he was trying to create one of the state’s best downhills, what he calls “a Zen-like feeling of flying downhill immersed in a forest.â€

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      Yea, I live about 7 miles away and ride there 3 times a week or so. Very nice trail. If the resort builds as much as they say, maybe up to 15+ miles, it will be one of the best trail systems in the midwest.

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      I rode this trail about three weeks ago. The same guy that did Brown County did these Rumor has it. If they keep building on this will be a great system. Central IN is becoming a Mtn Bkg MECCA

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