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      Hi all,

      In a earlier post i mentioned that i bought both of us new mtb’s for Christmas. Both 2018 models. Her a Trek X Caliber 7, and for me a Trek Stache 7. Since both are new, we will be sraying with stock components at the time, and both bikes are being run tubeless. I would have to say that 50 percent of our riding is at night because we love night trail riding so much, so i did a lot of reasearch before finally picking our lights. For her, i picked the Intey 1600 lumen rechargeable head light, which is what I run on my Trek FX fitness bike. Its a awesome light with a long run time, and cost about $65. Both bikes have a Bontrager Flare R tail light, which is another rechargeable extremly bright light. Now since I am always leading when we ride, for me I picked the Nite Rider Enduro 3600 lumen head light. Its brightest setting of 3600 lumens isnt the reason i went with this light, cause 3600 lumens is like day light. But rather I picked it due to the extreme run the extreme run time on the lower settings. 3600 lumens= 2.5 hours. 1800 lumens= 3.5 hours  1000 luens= 6 hours  and at 400 lumens = 16 hours. My opinion is in the middle of a trail with nothing but natural light, you can never have enough run time, so this was my choice. Now it wasnt cheap. It list for about $565 to $570, but i got it off Amazon during a christmas sell for $407. Either way, im happy with it. We are also runnig Cat Eye Perdone bike computers which have the largest screen on the market, that also is equipted with a bright back light. Both of us have 58 year old eyes, so for us that was a wise choice. On my bike I also mounted a Bontrager HV mtb tire pump. So that is our set up. I did also get both of us new MIPS helmets, and both of us new Camelbak hydration back packs…. Yeah… was a expensive Christmas…lol

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      Nice, sounds like you went all in! The upshot is you should have an excellent 2018.

      So are you just running one light, and on the helmet I presume? I’ve run the 2400 as a helmet light (same form factor as the 3600,) and it’s heavy, plus I end up snagging it on branches a lot.

      You might want to try giving the follow rider the brighter light. I’ve found that when someone loses a light or has a really dim light on the trail, following with a bright light is helps them more than leading.

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        Helmet lights are on the list for a future purchase, cause Santa run out of cash before getting that far. Now my wife has said that even when i was just running 1600 lumens in the lead, she had no problem following me or seeing her path. That was before putting 1600 lumens on her bike. So we should be fine for a while. But yes i do agree, and we plan on adding helmet lights to our set ups..

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        Oops.. ment to add that both our lights are mounted on our handle bars..

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      The only I can say is, BJ, when you go all in, you really go all in.  Great job.  Please keep us abreast on your adventures together.

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