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      Hi guys

      So i’m looking to buy a new fork for my aggressive hardtail. My current fork is a rs yari rc 27.5 150mm. Most that i’m looking for my new fork is better damping and better small bump compliance. The yari is a good fork for my bike but a i really don’t like the motion control damper. I mostly ride xc and street but also like to fast downhill and hit jumps and drops.

      I have 2 main options for my next fork. They are in a pretty different price range. First option is a used rockshox pike for only 300 euro. It is a year model 2015 and was bought in 2017. It has the original charger damper. Or i could buy a manitou mattoc pro. I would by it new from crc for around 500 euros. I really don’t understand the difference between manitou mattoc pro and manitou mattoc pro 2 or 3? Should i buy the old rockshox pike that is way cheaper or spend the extra cash for a new manitou fork? I ride pretty aggressive. I could also purchase a charger 2 damper for the pike for extra 200 euros? Please tell me your opinions!

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      Yari is in the Lyric/Pike/Revelation family. Can’t you upgrade the damper on the Yari?

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      The Marzocchi Bomber Z2 for $500 is worth checking out also for a high quality fork at a low price.

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