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      My boyfriend knew I wanted my own mountain bike for the past couple weeks. So for X-mas, he purchase me a very nice 2006 Specialized front suspension hardrock (medium size) It is used so I’m not sure what the exact size of the frame is. However, my gift to him was also a mountain bike but since I am a beginner I took him to the store to pick one out. He was going to get a medium specialized as well but the saleman suggested that a 17 was too big for him that he should get a 15.5. So he did. My boyfriend is about 5’7-5’8 . When I got my early present yesterday I feel inlove with it. but when we went riding today I did notice that mine had a bigger frame then his but was listed as medium. I felt that the bike was a little too big for me. It doesn’t hit my crotch but I can only lift it about an inch before I do touch it. I rode his bike for a trail and felt ALOT more confortable. I still need to get a tune up on my bike for the gearing but I am worried that maybe it better to try to feel this bike and get a smaller one. Or will I be okay with mine? I am 5’4 and I don’t think I am going to grow anymore. Any suggestions on what I should do. I don’t want to hurt his feelings but I just want to have a real time riding and not worry about discomfort.

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      First, welcome to the forums!

      I also have a medium Specialized hardtail, which means 17" in their sizing. I am 5′ 8" and mine is definitely a little bit big for offroad, even though it’s perfectly fine for riding to work on pavement.

      I have since bought a small Giant (16") and I am much more comfortable on it.

      At 5′ 4" you definitely want a small in a Specialized. Since you said it’s used, I don’t know what your options are, but if you can manage it, a small will make you much happier in the long run.

      Good luck!

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      i agree with maddslacker,

      explain to your boyfriend how much you appreciate it but it would be better for you to have a small so you guys can have more fun. I am 5′ and ride an XS, so a small for you would be good.


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