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      Went to the local bike shop to buy the wife a Giant boulder, which is a nice little bike. While I was there I noticed a sweet Iron Horse Yakuza Waka Gashira, that I thought was new. Didnt see a tag so I inquired about the bike. I guess it was bought and the guy realized it was too much bike for him, so he wanted to trade it outright for a $400 beach cruiser. The bike shop owner told him he wasnt sure if he could sell it, but would hold it on consignment.

      I couldnt pass this up for $400. I just put more marks on it from riding it for an hour than it had when I bought it (only it did need a new front tube). For $400 + tax I got WTB Freeride rims, hayes hydrualic disc brakes, truvativ crankset w/ e.thirteen bashguard, sram & shimano x7 and deore derauillers, FSA bars, stem, headset, seatpost, etc. etc.

      seemed like a great deal to me. got home and see that the bike was going for around $1300 new, so I am very stoked. Wife wasnt too stoked about me coming home with 2 bikes instead of one though, lol





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      Nice find man!

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      Score!! I had something similar happen last year. I was working in my garage and a neighbor from down the street walked up and asked if I was interested buying another bike. I wasn’t, but curious enough to take a look. It was a Novara FS, about 1300 retail and he rode it twice on the sidewalk around our neighborhood. I called a friend and work out a deal between them for 400 bucks.

      Next day, he knocks on my door and says "Hey, just remembered that I have some bike tools, that I won’t be needing now. You want to take a look?" Of course I did, but was expecting to see an all-in-one trail tool and some tire levers. Instead he slides out a drawer of his toolbox and it is chalked full of brand new Park tools, NEVER USED, some in the packages. And next to the toolbox was a set in a hard travel case (great to have in the truck at the trailhead). AND he reaches around the back of the toolbox and pulls out a park workstand, not the cheap one either. I nearly passed out. I tried not to look overly excited…Yawn…until he said "What do ya think? 200 bucks". I produced $200 like a magician pulling some fake flower out of his sleeve. The workstand is the Deluxe home mech PCS-4-2 and goes for about $340. The tools are just to many to list, but it took me 3 trips to get them to my garage.

      I think that him and his wife were splitting and he was trying get get cash for stuff she was probably going to get. Anyway, my gain.

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      Nice find man!

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      thanks guys. the tires are way too heavy. getting a pair of wtb velociraptors to take care of that. the fork also seems really plush, which is exactly opposite of how i like my bike to feel. Otherwise the bike feels great. I’ll probably take my trek to santos though as these bikes feel completely different.

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      I’d ride what I was used to as well.

      Any pics of the wife’s bike? Mine is riding a Giant as well.See ya Saturday!

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      sounds good. wish i could stay the night but ill be there all day!

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      So for those of you who know more about Freeride / DH bikes. Would this be a good all arounder bike for Freeride / Trails / Jumps ? more so than my trek?

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      Hey, A good find is a good find, your wife will forgive you soon!! Riding and being stocked on it makes us happier husbands, in turn she benifits from your new ride. Mtb’ers are just happier people, it’s been proven again and again.

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